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The Project in Murfreesboro, TN Will Focus on Equipment and Technology Upgrades

General Mills, a leading American food manufacturer, announced plans to invest $65 million in equipment and technology upgrades, as well as other enhancements, at its Murfreesboro, Tennessee production facility on Wednesday.

Dave Tincher, plant manager of the Murfreesboro facility, said in a release that “we are proud to manufacture beloved brands like Yoplait and Pillsbury for consumers across the United States right here in Rutherford County.” Tincher added that “this investment will allow our Murfreesboro facility to remain competitive in the marketplace.”

During the course of the project, the company will make modifications to the facility’s equipment and technology, as well as add capabilities that will make the location more efficient.

We are thrilled that they have chosen to reinvest in Murfreesboro, said Bill Jones, chairman of Destination Rutherford, a local economic development agency. “With production facilities all over the world, we are glad that they have chosen to reinvest in Murfreesboro,” Jones said. We will be able to maintain 1,000 well-paying jobs and the consequent tax money in our town because of General Mills’ commitment.”

In an article published by the Murfreesboro Voice, it was reported that the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce had authorized a $326,000 tax cut for General Mills over a five-year period as an incentive to press through with the expansion project.

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